Taste of Sardinia. Taste of home.

This initiative brings together three generations of the family with a passion for sustainable production, protecting the environment and landscape that we love. The result is a 100% organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with an unforgettable intense and fruity flavor.


our history

In late 1800, Francesco Cheri Vilia, our namesake, inherites the family land. After more than 150 years, his grandsons, Salvatore and Gianni keep the history of our land alive and since 1992 have successfully managed it as an organic farm.

the farm

Our farm is located in Sarule, in the heart of the Barbagia Nuorese region of Sardinia, known as a favorable area for the production of extra virgin olive oil. Currently, the olive trees cover six hectares of our land. 

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Where to find us

It is possible to buy our olive oil in three small local shops in Nuoro. Additionally, numerous local restaurants are using it to provide their customers an unforgettable culinary experience. 

For more info, contact us.