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Organic extra virgin olive oil

We take great pride in the high-quality oil that we produce and that it is certified as organic. The oil has an intense and fruity flavor with some notes of artichoke and a spicy aftertaste that tickles the palate. 

A perfect mix

The extra virgin olive oil of Tenute Cheri Vilia is widely appreciated and recognized as an excellent and high-quality product. The secret of an intense and fruity flavor is in the mix of two varieties of olives: the Oliva Bosana and the Oliva Tonda di Cagliari. 

The Oliva Bosana is oval in shape and tends to be slightly larger at the top, similar to a reverse teardrop. On the surface of the olive, it is possible to observe small lenticels that allow for the passage of air. 

The Oliva Tonda di Cagliari is typically larger and more spherical with the widest part of the fruit at the center. Also this olive has lenticels on the surface that facilitate the passage of air. 

Organic certified

The extra virgin olive oil of Tenute Cheri Vilia is organic certified from the inspection body Bioagricert (code IT BIO 007 P36W). The entire production chain undergoes rigorous checks, from trees maintenance all the way up to the bottling process, to guarantee our customers an excellent and high-quality product!