Barbagia Nuorese, a magic place

The farm

Tenute Cheri VIlia is located in Sarule, in the heart of Barbagia Nuorese region of Sardinia, known as a favorable area for the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Nowadays, our olive trees grow across six hectares of land. 

Olive trees

Currenlty, 1600 olive trees are cultivated over six hectares of our land, some of them more than 150 years old, some of them more recently planted. We plan to add and additional two hectares of land for olive trees for future cultivation to reach a total of eight hectares. 

We cultivate two varieties of olives: the Oliva Bosana and the Oliva Tonda di Cagliari. Their mix in our extra virgin olive oil provides a unique spicy aftertaste that is much loved.


Environmental sustainability

At Tenute Cheri Vilia, our priority is respect for nature and our landscape. We want to protect our land and minimize the environmental impact of our cultivation and oil production, using innovative and biocompatible techniques. Solar panels provide the energy that we need to maintain the olive groves. 

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